Mass defect-based labels for quantitative proteomics and metabolomics of pancreatic cancer cells


Collaborating Investigator/s

John Kao (University of Wisconsin-Madison)


The DBP provided a test bed for our DiLeu based metabolite tags.

Mass spectrometry-based stable isotope labeling has become a key technology for protein and small-molecule analyses. We developed a multiplexed quantification method for simultaneous proteomics and amine metabolomics analyses via nano reversed-phase liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (nanoRPLC-MS/MS), called mass defect-based N,N-dimethyl leucine (mdDiLeu) labeling. Paralleled proteomics and amine metabolomics analyses using mdDiLeu were systematically evaluated and then applied to pancreatic cancer cells.

The innovative outcome of this project was the isobaric labeling technologies for multiplexed metabolite quantification.