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Distributing the technical expertise housed within the NCQBCS to the broader community is a vital function of the center. We have created a variety of options for all levels of learners with programs ranging from how to get started in mass spectrometry to technology specific expert training.    

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Researchers from across the nation are invited to visit the NCQBCS to learn about biological mass spectrometry and related skills that can then be implemented at their own institutions. Visitors will work directly with our staff on a variety of topics of their interest.  Example topics include the development of experimental strategies, the preparation of biological samples, the implementation of liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) instrumentation, mass spectrometer repair, the utilization of informatics tools for the analysis of proteomics data, among many others. 

Check out the descriptions below to learn more about specific training opportunities
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Beginner Workshops

5th Annual
North American
Mass Spectrometry
Summer School

Join us July 10-13, 2023 at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery for the 5th annual Mass Spectrometry Summer School. We have assembled world leading experts for this three-day course complete with interactive workshops, professional development topics, and time for networking.

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On-line training is available through our YouTube Channel.

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Intermediate workshops



One on One Training

Already got the basics of proteomics down, but want to get deeper knowledge on a specific subject? If yes, we’ve got you covered with one-on-one training experiences tailored to your needs.  Take a look at our list of possible subjects and feel free to suggest your own ideas.    

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Intermediate One-on-one Training Opportunities

These are our intermediate one-on-one training topics. Feel free to check them out.

These are our intermediate one-on-one training topics. Feel free to check them out.

For  organization we have grouped one-on-one training topics into three broad categories: Sample Preparation, Instrumentation, and Data Analysis. Under each grouping we list several techniques where expert NCQBCS staff and students can provide training. Interested trainees will indicate which techniques they wish to learn and build their own visit syllabus in an à la carte manner.


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Advanced Workshops


Technique Workshops

NCQBCS offers TR&D-specific workshops to educate expert researchers and provide laboratory experience with the techniques. During these advanced workshops, attendees will receive individual attention from NCQBCS staff members and students in the dedicated NCQBCS Training Institute.

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