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John Syka Visit

On Tuesday, NCQBCS welcomed John Syka, the inventor of Quadrupole linear ion trap and co-inventor of ETD, to our lab. Syka toured our facilities, celebrated a graduate student’s thesis defense with the team, and delivered an exceptional tutorial on ion trapping for staff and students. John is a Research Scientist at Thermo Fisher Scientific and his visit importantly supports the ongoing collaboration between our organizations.

Alexander Makarov visits NCQBCS

This week the NCQBCS hosted a visit from Alexander Makarov, Director of Research for Global Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry at Thermo Fisher Scientific.  Makarov, inventor of the Orbitrap mass analyzer, toured the facilities, met with NCQBCS staff to discuss collaborative research projects, and gave a seminar to the entire UW-Madison campus community.  The seminar covered the history of Alexander’s conception of the Orbitrap analyzer, its development both at HD Technologies and Thermo Fisher Scientific, and the future possibilities that the device offers.