Multiplexed proteomic analysis using neutron-encoded (NeuCode) stable isotope labeling


We describe a protocol for multiplexed proteomic analysis using neutron-encoded (NeuCode) stable isotope labeling of amino acids in cells (SILAC) or mice (SILAM). This method currently enables simultaneous comparison of up to nine treatment and control proteomes. Isotopologs of lysine are introduced into cells or mammals, via the culture medium or diet, respectively, to metabolically label the proteome. Labeling time is ∼2 weeks for cultured cells and 3-4 weeks for mammals. he resultant peptides are chromatographically separated and then mass analyzed. During mass spectrometry (MS) data acquisition, high-resolution MS1 spectra (≥240,000 resolving power at m/z = 400) reveal the embedded isotopic signatures, enabling relative quantification, while tandem mass spectra, collected at lower resolutions, provide peptide identities. Both types of spectra are processed using NeuCode-enabled MaxQuant software. In total, the approximate completion time for the protocol is 3-5 weeks.