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LipidGenie, a genome-guided lipid identification tool

Despite the crucial roles of lipids in metabolism, we are still in the early stages of annotating lipid species and their genetic basis. To help in this work, a team of researchers led by Vanessa Linke recently developed LipidGenie, an interactive, query-able resource for lipid identification. The research team used high-resolution liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry to quantify 3,283 molecular features from the liver and plasma of outbred mice. These features were then mapped to 5,622 lipid quantitative trait loci, compiled and cross-referenced to the human genome.

Download the software and read the manuscript.

Argonaut enables collaborative data visualization and exploration

Argonaut is an online platform for collaborative exploration of multi-omic data described in this recent publication by Brademan et al.

Through this platform, information is presented using intuitive, interactive visualizations in a code-free environment, empowering both experts and non-experts worldwide to easily interact and share data.

The Argonaut platform aims to overcome the hurdles of working with large datasets and lower the barrier to entry for biological and clinical collaborators.

This and other software tools can be found here.